SOUM offers an evolving frame so that the bike becomes your second skin, on all trails. SOUM is aimed at both the enduro racing driver and the hilly trail enthusiast.

The frame is made of high quality steel, for dynamic riding that smoothes the terrain. A durable material that does not age! A bike thinked and designed to last


The ESPADE is a bespoke bike, like the entire SOUM range. Each Espade is designed for you: wheel sizes, geometry, kinematics, travel...

With the ESPADE, SOUM places emphasis on advice and expertise to create a frame truly suited to your needs and desires. Let's create the ideal bike together... for you
 From 2699 €

Geometry range:

Rear wheel travel between 145mm and 165 mm
Mullet or 29

Order your ESPADE

After more than a year of development and various prototypes, the ESPADE is available for sale !

You can order your ESPADE now and for the first ten frames, SOUM offers 10% discount. Also the Atelier Rebie bag (made in 31) and the Sauvage guard cork mudguard (made in 65) offered.

Assembly à la carte

The ESPADE is available in custom assembly, contact us by email to obtain a quote .


Made in Pyrénées

 Bike imagined, designed and manufactured in France!

ESPADE in the Pyrenees refers to steep peaks. It is the counterpart of “sword”, sharp and well sharpened, an image to describe the blades of schist or granite on the ridges. 


The frames are painted with “powder coating”, an ultra-resistant paint!

Custom painting on request 

Simplicity and performance

After more than a year of development, the cinematic was developed to meet customer needs. Maximize dynamism, grip and adapt to everyone trails. 

Advice and expertise are at the center of the experience SOUM. Offer a bike adapted to practice and customer morphology by combining simplicity and performance.

4 suspensions positions: Mullet or 29", progressive or more progressive.


First contact (email, telephone)
Detailed quote + 50% deposit
Appointment (face-to-face or telephone) to co-create the bike according to your needs and desires
Proposal and 3D rendering
Delivery and adjustment advice

SOUM Colors

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