When you arrive in the Hautes-Pyrénées and start reading the maps to go for a trip in the mountains, words come up regularly: la hount, le pic, le cap, l'estivère, la pène, la coume...

Mysteries from ancient times, which allowed us to find our way in this environment. The Soum designates a rounded summit which adorns the mountain range. Unlike the Pic, it is more discreet and is located more in the foothills.

As a mountain lover, I naturally chose this name, which allows the manufacturing to be anchored locally. Soum's vocation is to reappropriate know-how and manufacturing techniques to meet needs around mobility. With current issues (global warming, resource limits, etc.), we need to rethink the "production" of goods, slow down the pace.

Convinced that the means of mobility of the future are cycling and walking, production must be local and controlled. We must invent the industry of tomorrow, why not a low-tech and artisanal industry? 



In 2020, with an engineering degree in hand, a desire to work with my hands and the experience accumulated at MILC led me to create SOUM in order to manufacture bicycles in the Pyrenees in an artisanal way.
Originally from the Cévennes, I migrated to the Hautes-Pyrénées in 2017 to train as a mechanical engineer at ENIT in Tarbes. I had the chance to complete this work-study training at MILC, a company manufacturing lightweight chassis for soft mobility. During this superb work-study program, I was able to make "my" bikes, test them, and understand the technical aspects of manufacturing.

Having started cycling with competitive downhill racing as a teenager, it was only recently that I discovered the pleasures of steel, a simple, dynamic and high-performance bike. 

Since 2020, SOUM has evolved to offer a complete range. We work to offer high-performance bikes that are truly adapted to your needs and your body type.

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